It’s that easy to make your home smarter.

H2 Starter Kit — a smart home in 3 seconds

The H2 Starter Kit provides you with all of the devices you need for a smart home: Gateway, window and door control, and thermometer and air meter make your life easier, nicer, and safer. And the best part: The H2 Starter Kit is easy to install, incredibly simple to operate, and can always be supplemented with other H2 products.
  • Easy operation:

    Hardly any system is as fast and easy to install as the H2 system. With the H2 Starter Kit, you transform your house into a smart home in just a few steps. Thanks to its intuitive operation, you don’t need any prior knowledge.
  • Extensive control:

    You can now feel completely safe in your H2 Smart Home: The H2 system notifies you of irregularities in your flat or house when you are away.
  • Keep an eye on everything while you’re out:

    With the app you can control temperature increases, window and door openings, and motion sensors from everywhere and at any time. And, of course, you can control your smart devices while on the go.
  • Utmost security:

    The greatest data protection is always guaranteed with the encrypted H2 app.
  • Inconspicuous, beautiful design:

    The largest H2 product is no bigger than a biscuit. That means you can place it anywhere without it being noticed: With its beautiful and modest design, the H2 Smart Home Kit is easy to install in any home.