The smart indoor climate controls for your home

H2 Air Quality — install and breathe in.

Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoors. But with H2 Air Quality you and your loved ones can breathe clean, feel safe, and live healthily. All the time.
The H2 system is easy to install, incredibly simple to operate, and can always be supplemented with other H2 products.
  • Easy operation:

    Hardly any system is as fast and easy to install as the H2 system. Your H2 Air Quality is ready for use in just a few steps.
  • Care for your air:

    The H2 Air Quality measures the TVOC value and informs you over the level of stagnant air in the room. You can thus improve the indoor climate by rush airing and/or removing unhealthy sources.
  • Inconspicuous, beautiful design:

    The H2 Air Quality is no bigger than a mains outlet. This means you can place it anywhere without it being noticed: With its modest design, the H2 Air Quality can be effortlessly integrated into your home.

Technical Information:

Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 26 mm
Battery life: ca. 2 Years (type: CR123A)
Radio frequency: 868,3 MHz