H2 Smart Home Family


H2 Gateway is the communication center of the entire smart home sensor system.

Dimensions: 62x62x27 mm

Open Closed

H2 Open Closed is a device that monitors and informs user via H2 Home app if windows or doors are open or closed.

Dimensions: 50x50x18 mm


H2 Plug is connected smart plug and switch that enables you to check on and control any electric device remotely via H2 App.

Dimensions: 75x75x78 mm


H2 Weather contains several sensors that inform about local temperature, pressure and humidity.

Dimensions: 36x36x16 mm


H2 Smoke is a mesh-networked, certified device that automatically detects and gives sound alarm in case of smoke as well as remote alarm to user’s smartphone.

Dimensions: 77x77x47 mm


H2 Motion is a device that detects physical movement and notifies you instantly via H2 Home App.

Dimensions: 36x36x16 mm

Air Quality

H2 Air Quality improves your living comfort by analyzing your home’s overall Air Quality and sending it to your smartphone.

Dimensions: 58x58x26 mm