H2 Smart Home

H2 Smart Home

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The Gateway is the most important control device of all H2 products. All the sensors communicate with the Gateway, ....

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H2 Smart Home Gateway

The smart indoor climate controls for your home

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H2 Smart Home Air Quality

The H2 Motion Sensor gives you full security even when you aren’t at home

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H2 Smart Home Motion

With deactivating H2 Plugs, you save a lot of money in comparison with normal outlets.

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H2 Smart Home Plug

Just 3 easy steps to make your home smart

The H2 Starter kit gives you everything you need to make your home smart and safe. Buy on Amazon

The H2 Smart Home App enables you to control and monitor your smart home from wherever you are.

Scan the QR code and let the H2 Smart Home App guide you through some simple steps.

All In One App

H2 Smart Home App is an eesy to use smart home automation app. It enables the user to remotely control, manage and monitor connected H2 devices at home. Share the benefits of a smart home with your family by giving them access to the H2 Home app. Get an overview of your measured results with detailed report over time and make your smart home efficient and comfortable